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Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge

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Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge

Utility :

Cartridge for high fluid viscosity applications.

Applications :

Paints, Varnishes, Lubricants, Printing lnks, Adhesives, Process Water, Emulsions, Solvents, Waxes, Plasticizers, Petroleum Products, Chemical Coatings.

Description :

Britomatics resin bonded type core less cartridges are designed to have two-staged filtration process to maximise particle removal. The cartridge is suitable for viscous fluid filtration application as it has a longer service life. The spiral wound per filter wrap ensures cartridge strength and eliminates residuals normally associated with resin bonded cartridges of conventional manufacture.

The cartridges are available in 2u,5u, 10u, 25u, 50u and up to 1 50 um pore sizes to meet wide performance level. Standard Size :- Length 10",20",30" & 40", 65mm OD/28 lD.

Features & Benefits :

● Extra long acrylicfibers provide added strength and resist breakage and migration common with short fiber cartridges.
● Use of phenolic resin strengthens the cartridge for use with high fluid viscosity application.
● Cartridge is designed towithstand high pressure.
● The cartridge is of single piece construction which helps ease change out.
● High filtration efficiency.
● High dirt holding capacity.
● Wide range of micron retention.
● Faster flow rates.
● Quality consistency.
● Silicon-free construction prevents contamination to adversely affect adhesion properties of coating.

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