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String Wound Filter Cartridge

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String Wound Filter Cartridge

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Utility :

Cartridge for removing micron size particles from Liquids and Gases.

Applications :

Concentrated Alkalies, Organic Acid, Solvents, Water Oxidizing Agents, Fuels, Plating Solutions, Dilute Acids & Alkalies, Petroleum Oils, Vegetable Oils, Pre Filter for Membranes, Photo solutions, Pharmaceuticals.

Description :

Britamatics Fibre Wound Fitter cartridges offer the widest variety of precision wound patterns to control filtering efficiency of liquids and gases. Advanced electronically automated machine tools combined with the most modern quality control and non-destructive testing techniques give you a selection of from 0.5 to 150 micron particle retention arrange. A large group of depth type media is available for compatibility with the fluids and gases to be filtered. A number of metallic and non-metallic core materials, selected for maximum corrosion resistance, are offered to guarantee the physical integrity of the winding pattern of this non-rupturing fitter.

Features & Benefits :

● Cartridge is designed to withstand high pressure.
● The cartridge is of single piece construction which helps ease change out.
● High filtration efficiency.
● High dirt holding capacity.
● Wide range of micron retention.
● Faster flow rates.
● Quality consistency.